Broadlands School

Student Leadership

At Broadlands School, all students from Year 4 are provided with many opportunities to serve their school as a community through specific leadership responsibilities which they apply for at the beginning of each year.

Our two Year 6 Head Prefects lead the school throughout the year in both formal and informal ways. We send our two Head Prefects to Hillary Outdoors (Formerly the Outdoor Pursuits Centre of NZ or OPC) each year which is Board subsidised and to the National Young Leaders’ Day (NYLD) along with our Heads of Houses.

Our Schools Houses of Ngauruhoe, Ruapehu, Tauhara and Tongariro are lead by two Heads of Houses for each (boy and girl) and who organise many of the House teams for the House competitions held throughout the year. The Heads of Houses are appointed from the Year 6 level. Through rotation, Heads of Houses organise and run our weekly school assembly which are held in the Learning Centre.

Our Senior and Junior Kapa Haka Performance Groups are lead by two Kaea (boy and girl) which perform annually at various school events including the Cluster Cultural Festival and Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day and the annual Prize Giving. The Kapa Haka Performance Groups are tutored weekly.

We also provide many opportunities for Monitors who undertake a wide variety of responsibilities around the school including iPad/Notebook Monitors, Bus Monitors, Teina Monitors, Librarians, Sport BOP Dynamo Leaders, PE Monitors, Office Assistants,  EnviroGroup and Jump Jam KidzAerobix.

Within classes at all levels from Years 1 to 6, teachers will provide students with opportunities to show leadership.